Friday, October 12, 2012

When Heart start to whisper~


Today, after finish my assignment i went to the cafe. as usual, doing a homework could make my brain go 

explode..haha..while by something to eat.

"dush" ..ouchh!!hey there what are you doing here...".my friend, Heiry, knock my back.

"haha don't you see???"i said.

Heiry is one of my friends who take a same courses with me. After taking such a food, we seek for a table.

Heiry said, "haha...where do we gonna seat?".

"look there, at the corner there seems like no one there. you go first, i wanna get some water." i said.

"as usual bro, give me the nescafe o one,,haha"

almost one semester i studied here. fells like the time is so fast. I start came here since last year (2010) when i 

 get an offer to continued my studies

 in science computer fields. 

"hey izy's.."

Hana ,the one who i call "short" because ya,,of course she is short..haha...she's is one of the most popular girls 

at my university because 

she's really sociable with others, and her voice is one of the most loudly whenever she denied or argue with 

somethings.( I guest)....

"let's eat together" I invite her..

"ok 5minutes" she said.

After eating, we keep talk about everything, Heiry with his problem doing the algorithm about his project. Hana 

keep talking about her plan to go to mount Bubu at Perak. Forget to inform that Hana too is the vice president in 

G club here. she said that they will go there next August. Huhu...sometimes we keep chat at the cafe almost 1 

to 2 hours if there is no work or task to do. While we keep chatting, there's a girls who just came in to the cafe to 
eat i guest.

"who's she?" I suddenly cut the chat.

the three of us stare at the girl...

"hmm..." Hana n Heiry keep thinking.

"..i...i dont know" said Heiry.


"ooppssy....sorry guys.." Hana's phone keep ringing...

without our conscious, the girls that we stare just a minutes pass by my side. My eye keep snoop ( like a spies) 

at her.

OMG who is she??

~to be continued~

"you can put the array on.....bla bla bla...."....(lec. voice)

dush!! "opps..." i got shocked...Heiry tap my shoulder.

"hey , what r you thought about??" said Heiry.

huhu...its about a week i kept thinking bout the 'mystery' girls..after saw her last week, my brain goes 

agitated...haha actually not at all,,,,only a few times i is because after that day, i dont even see her 

either at the cafe or anywhere in the campus...well maybe 'she' got a lot of things to do...

"hello guys" Hana interrupt..

"hye" Heiry and i answer.

 "hey, what's your program this evening, i think i wanna go out" suggest Hana.

huhu...who does not know hana, she's somewhile go out to the campus to buy a tools or things...mostly for her 

project..well she's now  is a vice for the G club,,,i see now the G club day by day become strong n popular 

among the students...maybe because the program that they do mostly are differ than other related club...but i 

really feel respect about this club why because they are new club but only take a few years to grow.huhu...

"well..i cant hana..i have a discussion this evening,,,emm why not you go with Heiry" i said.

"so Heiry how about you?" ask Hana.

"nope... i got a work to do with my program...sorry..." Heiry denied.

well...Heiry keep doing his 'program' after the class session... he said he wanna be as mark zuckenberg who's a 

billioner because invented a social network site. once ,I have seen his project,well it's quiet difficult to understand 

others program.but as a CS students, atleast i understand about the programs.thats it, however Heiry not one 

who do this all alone, actually he has a team that he made his-self,,,,,

 while we kept talking....Andy ,my classmate come to us and ask to me to go to the faculty to take the list of 

students that will take a seat on the short-sem. this is because i have been ask by my lec to make an analys 

about the students who take the short-course.

"TQ andy....emm ...guys i got to go,,,see ya" I said.

while walk to the faculty i kept read my note..huhu actually a book that have been combine with a 

foot-note...cause if i feel bored read the  book. i could take a time see the note...hihihi people said study has to 

be smart....haha guest so...

after spend a few minutes on the faculty, i go to the cafe to take some drink before go to my room...guest what 

while i seat at the table, i saw a girl who i seen last weeks....well my heart says ihave to take this opportunity to 

ask for her name...huhuhu but my luck doesnt stand to me,,,when i wanna get up from my seat,,,one boys came 

to her and talk something...emm...maybe he's her boyfriend i keep think..huhuhu well...maybe i just dreams...

"ahh...dont think like that,,,maybe he's her dont even ask her anymore...." my heart says....

15 minutes watching them talk about somethings,,,finally the boys get off from there...spontaneous i go to the 


"emm...hello nice to meet you" I said.

"erm..ya,,,can i help you??" the girls said.

"actually..i..i.." i start to feel there a sand in my neck..haha

"yes you?" the girls interrupt my speach..

"emm..can i know you name miss" i try to make my heart strong back...

"ohhh....hahaha i guest what the poblems is....hahha my name is...."

"hye" someone greets....

~to be continued~

this evening Heiry and I go to the sport complex, it takes 10 minutes from our hostel to the complex 

(walking)....fuhh.. tired maa...usually we use a bicycle to go to the complex..but this evening used to be cloudly 

differ than anydays(hot)...soo we take a decision just to walk...the wind this evening is soo smooth hihihi...

 "hey, do you remember the 'girls' "..i said to Heiry.

"who?? ooo the nice one? :Heiry

"what nice??haha" I reply...

"emm nothings....well ..whats going on? did you get her name?" :Heiry

"emm.. actually.. i got it..hahaha" : I

"so??": Heiry

well the girls i ask for her name last 4-days is a happy go lucky girls...sporting n not too i 

already know her more than ever.... hahaah


"my name is Eurika.."

my ears still remember her nicely..huhuhu the voice that greet at the times I ask for the girls name is 

Eurika's friends...

"haha....nice name..just like in the anime names..hihihhi joking...well good job bro..finally....soo how's going after 

this?" :Heiry

 "what...?emm do you wanna know something?" :I

 "Hey!!you two come here ..faster3!!!!" : man

well the man is Mr. Sosi...his shouted has stop us from talks about the girls...hurmm

"next time I tell you" :I

"ok ...and Hana too??" :Heiry

"emm.. ok" :I

........Pen Off.......

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